Happy Belated Chinese New Year! 

Here in the Pacific Northwest, Chinese New Year tends to mark the beginning of the spring winds. With these winds comes the next batch of colds. Below are some things you can do to help keep yourself healthy in the windy weather:

1) Keep your neck warm and protected from the wind! Additional body parts that are also extra important to keep warm and protected are your tummy, low back, knees, and feet, (so yes please do wear socks and warm shoes. I know we like to pretend it is sandal weather up here, but it just isn't. Nor is it shorts weather).

2) Avoid sugars and other phlegm producing foods. Also avoid cold/ frozen foods and beverages. If you are going to eat raw summery foods like salad, please eat them with a cup of hot tea or soup.

3) If you do things that open your pores and make you sweat, (workouts, spicy food, etc.), make sure to bundle up extra before going out into the wind and cold.

4) Get enough sleep and if possible go to bed before 10 pm. Also, when tired take a nap rather than an energy drink, those things will prematurely age you.

Additionally, we do have preventative formulas and treatments. One formula I commonly prescribe at this time of year gives you an extra buffer against outside pathogens. Because it has very specific instructions as to when and how it is taken and for whom it is beneficial, I would prefer to monitor its use. If you would like to know more about it or other formulas that may suit you better feel free to text, call, email, or message me. I'm happy to share information, but for my own sense of responsibility I need to know that said information is appropriately tailored to each of you. 

Have a warm and snugly day!

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