We have several interesting health phenomena transitioning right now. 
First off we are are starting the shift from shoulder season, (you may have noticed many people with shoulder injuries this last month), to elbow season. For a while we will be seeing both, often together, as the shift happens. What can you do? Make sure you really warm up and stretch your shoulders, forearms, elbows, and wrists before and after sports, gardening, tackling your outdoor fix it list, and any type of repetitive motion, (even if you have been sitting a a desk typing all winter). Your bodies are going from winter hibernation mode to WooHoo it's spring mode. Be gentle with them.
Additionally with this transition to warmer weather we are starting to throw off latent heat from our body's winter heat stores. This shows up in the form of sore throats, skin rashes, night sweats, insomnia, or other heat type symptoms. What can you do? That will partly depend on your individual symptoms, but one thing you can do if you are having heat symptoms is: before bed walk around in ankle deep cold water for 3-5 min, (you will feel a little chilled), then when you get out rub your feet dry vigorously until they warm up, (you will feel a flush of heat through you body after this). Shortly after the heat flush your temperature will normalize, your mind will quiet, and you will tend to sleep deeply. If you have trouble getting your feet to warm back up use a hot water bottle, or go ahead and soak them in hot water for a moment. This is a great technique for helping your body shed excess heat.
Finally, we are smack in the middle of the wood season in Chinese Medicine. I will go into that phenomena in more detail later, but for those of you feeling stressed, trapped, irritable, angry, and/or like no one is listening to you creativity genius, I have a little advice. Artichokes! Eat lots of them, any form, though steamed is best. Find time to do creative activities. Exercise your body and imagination. This is also a good season in which to do a cleanse. Also, much as I like treating auto accident patients, (because Chinese Medicine seriously rocks in treating MVAs), please please don't give in to road rage even if all the other drivers around you are being road rage crazed idiots. 
I hope to start posting more regularly, but I am up to my eyeballs in wedding plans at the moment and so realistically I will probably not get to regular posting until late May. 

Please, let me know if you have any questions,
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