Summer is the season of the fire element. It is associated with the heart and small intestine and when in balance laughter, play, and joy are abundant. However, if the fire element is out of whack you will have experience anxiety (deficient fire) or mania (excess fire) or even depression (lack of fire). Symptom wise you may also have insomnia, restlessness, upper back shoulder blade area pain or tension, heart palpitations, or medial forearm pain (carpal tunnel patten rather than tennis elbow area). So what's one simple thing you can do to help all of this? LAUGH! Laughter helps all of these but especially the emotional components. Just as creativity is the antidote to many of the springtime stress/anger/trapped feelings, joy, laughter, and play all antidote summer symptoms. I fully encourage you to tell dirty jokes, look up funny stuff on you tube, play games, and watch comedians in any form! Be goofy and enjoy it and soon you will find your anxiety levels drop and your shoulder tension eases. I will post some of my favorite laughter inducing videos, pix, jokes etc. for your enjoyment. Today and throughout the summer. Here's to your health!

My favorite chicken joke from childhood:

Why'd the chicken cross the road? 

To prove to the opossum it could be done! 

Please post more jokes etc in the comments below! Let the giggling fest begin! 

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